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Seek Shelter

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Weather emergencies or contaminants may make it temporarily unsafe to be outside. When it is necessary to seek shelter, move inside to a space that protects you from the danger. DO NOT lock doors behind you as others may also need to seek shelter.

What to do:

  • Remain calm and seek shelter inside the closest building.
  • Don't wait until you see danger before you react.
  • Seek shelter in interior rooms and corridors.
  • Close windows and exterior doors. Do not lock doors.
  • Avoid windows, glass, and unsecured objects that may fall.
  • Don't use elevators.
  • Avoid large, free-standing expanses such as auditoriums and gymnasiums.
  • Resist the temptation to go outside and check the weather conditions yourself.
  • Await further instruction from Y-Alert notifications and emergency personnel.
  • Do not leave until an “all clear” is received.
Sheltering in a Radiation Emergency

BYU Protective Actions

Seek Shelter is only one of BYU's recommended actions during an emergency. Learn about our other recommended Protective Actions by visiting these pages.